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Reduced Fares


Economy Fare Program

Sun Tran offers reduced fares for people with disabilities through our Economy Fare Program. To be eligible for a reduced fare, individuals with disabilities must tap the SunGO ID & Card to the farebox as proof of qualification and show the ID to the driver each time you board.

image of an assortment of SunTran Transit IDsObtain the SunGO ID & Card from the Special Services Office, 35 W. Alameda.

Watch the following videos to learn more:

Accessibility on Sun Tran

ADA Eligibility Process

Payment Options :

When paying the economy cash fare on the bus, please tap your SunGO ID & Card to the farebox each time you board. The reduced cash fare for a one-way trip is 50 cents and a transfer to Sun Tran Routes 1-99 or Sun Shuttle is free. Transfers to express routes will require a surcharge. Transfers not accepted on Sun Shuttle dial-a-ride service.

Please note that reduced fares and passes are not accepted on Sun Express Routes 101X-312X. Learn more about reduced fares and how to purchase a bus pass.

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