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Sun Tran celebrates Earth Day with the Children's Museum Tucson


Protecting the Environment

The service we provide at Sun Tran is essential to improving air quality in our community by taking cars off our busy streets and utilizing clean-burning fuels. Do your part, ride Sun Tran

How is Sun Tran helping our environment?

Ride Sun Tran!

Learn how much daily greenhouse gas you save by riding the bus instead of driving.

According to the American Public Transportation Association:

Public transportation is reducing Americans' energy bills.

Each year, public transportation saves more than 45 million barrels of oil, which is equal to approximately one month of oil imports from Saudi Arabia, or half the energy used to manufacture all computers and electronic equipment in the U.S.

Public transportation produces 95 percent less carbon monoxide and nearly half as much carbon dioxide for every passenger mile traveled.

For every passenger mile traveled, public transportation is twice as fuel efficient as private automobiles.

Help us thank our drivers, by coloring for them! Tag us in a picture when you're done or mail to:

ATTN: Community Outreach

3920 N. Sun Tran Blvd.

Tucson, AZ 85705