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Routes currently affected:

Some bus routes are affected by multiple events. Please review all Alerts & Detours listings to see if your route is affected. Note: there may be temporary detours or service changes not listed below.

– Pueblo Gardens
– 22nd St.
– Oracle/Ina
– Midvale Park
– Valencia
– 10th/12th Avenue
– S. 6th Avenue

Rider Alerts

Holiday Service

Sun Tran operates on a Sunday schedule on New Year's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

Discontinued Stop at Casino del Sol - Route 27

Route 27

For Route 27, the stop at Casino del Sol is currently discontinued during construction of the new hotel. Passengers may board the stop located at the Casino del Sol Park & Ride. Please see attached map for details. Download PDF

Discontinued stop - SB Route 16 - Ina/Mona Lisa

Route 16

For southbound Route 16, the stop at Ina Rd. and Mona Lisa is currently discontinued for up to 30 days, as part of the pedestrian access improvement project. This stop has temporarily moved to the southwest corner of Ina and Shama Wing

Discontinued stop - NB Route 18 - 6th Ave/26th St

Route 18

For northbound Route 18, the stop at 6th Ave and 26th St is currently discontinued, and temporarily moved to the southeast corner of 6th Ave and 25th (next to LA Tires and Wheels).

Discontinued bus stop at Casino del Sol - Route 29

Route 29

The Route 29 will no longer service the bus shelter at the Park & Ride. It will service the portable bus stop by the Park & ride before going to their layover location on Ignacio M Baumea across from the Shell gas station. Please see attached map. Download PDF


Route 7 & Route 12 - Construction Detour

Routes 7, 12

As of December 4, 2018, Routes 7 & 12 will be on detour due to construction. The following stops will be temporarily discontinued, please use the alternate bus stops:Northbound Cushing St/Main St (SE) --> Cushing St/Main St (NW); Northbound Church Ave/Ochoa St (SE) --> Cushing St/Main St (NW); Southbound Church Ave/Ochoa St (SW) --> Main Ave/Simpson St (NW) or Church Ave/Pennington St (NW) Download PDF

Lights of the World Detour

Route 2

Thursday, November 7th, 2018 – Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019 Download PDF