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Guaranteed Ride Home

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Guaranteed RideHome Program

To help commuters ride transit to work or carpool, Sun Tran and Pima Association of Governments' Sun Rideshare Program co-sponsor the Guaranteed RideHome program. When certain emergencies arise, employees can get a free taxi ride home.

Many employees have the desire to ride transit to work; however, due to concerns about unexpected emergencies, such as a sick child or unscheduled over-time, they forego the benefits of riding transit "just in case" they need their car. Through the Guaranteed RideHome program, if you are a Get on Board rider, or your company is in the Travel Reduction Program, you are guaranteed a free taxi ride home within Pima County when certain emergencies arise.

Employees must be at least 18 years of age, and complete a Guaranteed RideHome application to receive a voucher. As a registered Guaranteed RideHome commuter, an employee will receive up to four taxi vouchers per calendar year, which are accepted by VIP Cab and Discount Cab companies.

Go to the following link for more information about Guaranteed RideHome and to register your commute for the program.