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Tips for Riding

How to Ride

Remember These Tips for Riding

Before you board

  1. Arrive at your stop at least five minutes early. Wait where the coach operator can see you.
  2. Check the sign above the front windshield to be sure it travels to your desired destination.
  3. Stay back from the curb and wait until the bus comes to a complete stop.

Paying Your Fare

  1. Be ready with a SunGO Card, SunGO ID & Card, ticket or exact change before you board. If using the GoTucson Transit App, activate your pass before boarding.
  2. All passengers must have a SunGO Card or SunGO ID & Card, even if paying cash, to receive a transfer. A transfer will load onto your SunGO card when tapped on the farebox.

- For full fare pay the correct cash amount first, then tap your valid SunGO Card to load a transfer.

- For economy fare you must have a valid SunGO ID & Card as proof of qualification for economy fare. Pay the correct cash amount, show ID to driver, then tap your card to load a transfer.


  1. The bus or operator will announce major stops and intersections. Feel free to ask the operator to call out your destination.
  2. About one block from your desired stop, press the bell tape or pull the cord next to the window to signal you want the bus to stop.
  3. Gather all personal belongings and exit through the rear door. If you have a bike stored in the bike rack, exit from the front. Sun Tran is not responsible for items left on the bus.

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