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Metropia app rewards Tucson drivers for avoiding congestion

Metropia has developed an app to help Tucson commuters find better ways around congestion and traffic delays. The app provides predictive drive times, emergency alerts and alternate travel routes to get commuters to their destination and out of traffic. Drivers can use that information to know which travel route and departure time will work best for them.

The Metropia app combines real time traffic monitoring with predictive technology to help commuters plan their trip for faster travel times while limiting engine emissions.  And Metropia offers a variety of rewards & incentives for commuters to not be part of traffic.

The Pima Association of Governments is sponsoring Metropia to decrease congestion and improve air quality in Tucson.  Once Metropia is established in Tucson, Metropia will promote Sun Tran and other alternate modes of transportation.

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Metropia was has been developed at University of Arizona and is operated locally. 

Download the app today!

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