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Need a SunGO Card?

New SunGO Cards are available at

The cost for a new SunGO Card is $2, but Sun Tran will load $2 in stored value to your card when you register your card.  Register your card by phone at (520) 7920-9222 or online at

Why get a SunGO Card?

  • Pay less when you pay with SunGO.  When you load value to your SunGO Card, you only pay $1.60 per trip.  The cost per trip when paying with cash is $1.75.
  • Load free transfers onto your SunGO Card.  With a SunGO Card, you receive free transfers and can ride any bus or streetcar any direction for two hours with one fare.
  • Load a pass to your card and save more.   Full fare passengers riding the bus or streetcar just one round trip per day, can save over $60 per month with a 30-Day Pass.