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Friday, March 16 is Transit Employee Appreciation Day!

transit employees

Join us in celebrating the contributions of transit drivers and employees at Sun Tran, Sun Link, Sun Van and Sun Shuttle.

Every day transit employees serve our community to bring safe and reliable service for passengers.

Drivers work long hours safely maneuvering through unpredictable traffic, while also keeping to the schedule, checking fares, providing directions, listening for stop requests and more!

Customer Service Representatives help hundreds of riders plan their trips, hear their concerns and make sure each caller is assisted in a timely manner.

Mechanics make sure that all buses, shuttles and streetcars are cleaned, serviced and ready to hit the roads every morning.

Plus, hundreds of additional transit employees that work in scheduling, operations, security, facilities, human resources, finance, IT, procurement, and communications.

Say “thank you” with a simple wave or smile to a transit employee when you board the bus, shuttle or streetcar. You can also tell us by doing one of the following: